Spencer Owen Biography

Spencer Owen, a British gamer and YouTube personality, has proven that success in the age of the internet is directly related to one’s imagination. Through his YouTube channel ‘SpencerFC’, he has chased his passion for football with gusto, gaining millions of followers along the way. Not only is he a successful YouTuber, but he is also the creator of the eSports team ‘Hashtag United’ and the Wembley Cup. With multiple YouTube channels and a dedicated fanbase, Spencer Owen is a true internet sensation.

Quick Facts

  • Nick Name: Spencer Owen Carmichael-Brown, Spencer FC
  • Age: 35 Years, 35 Year Old Males
  • Family:
    • Father: Steve Carmichael-Brown
    • Mother: Sindy Carmichael-Brown
    • Siblings: Saunders Carmichael-Brown, Sebastian Carmichael-Brown
  • Born Country: England
  • City: Hertfordshire, England

Rise to Stardom

Spencer created a YouTube channel in his own name back in 2008 and started posting videos in the channel 2012 onwards. The content of his Spencer Owen channel is centered mostly on football commentary where he picks various games from popular international and Club level football matches and presents his opinions while dissecting the game. He comments on everything from game strategy, to choice of players and tactical play. He also offers predictions for various tournaments and allows the viewers snippets of his own life through a few vlogs.

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Although Spencer’s personal channel has been in existence for a longer period of time, the subscriber count did not reach mention-worthy levels and is still stuck at below 130 K.

Shift in Content

In March 2014, Spencer posted the first video in his new channel titled ‘officialfifaplaya’ and it involved FIFA 14 gameplays. His first few videos featured his skill as a gamer and he posted regular content up on the channel. Gradually, he shifted the direction of his content and updated the channel name to Spencer FC to incorporate more variety of content and not just FIFA 14 gameplays. The channel currently boasts over 1.8 million subscribers and more than 500 million views.

His Spencer FC channel started featuring Game updates and personal tournament stats along with other fun videos like drinking game based on football and several other pranks. His channel regularly featured other British FIFA YouTubers like miniminter, True Geordie, Oakelfish and his girlfriend Alex.

Series and Collaborations

He has regularly come up with funny titles for his similarly themed videos combining them into a series. Some of these include Forever Blowin, Once A Lion, The Wheel of Futune, The Zarate Kid, Selfie Squad and Moore Than a Legend. These series are basically based on various aspects of a specific FIFA franchise and Spencer explains about each of them in the beginning of the series.

The Wembley Cup

From July, 2015, Spencer hosted the Wembley Cup on his channel, a series sponsored by EE, a British Telecom Company, where Spencer creates a team of YouTubers to face another similar team named Sideman United created by FIFA YouTuber Ultimate Sideman. The season comprised of 10 episodes and on the 10th and final episode Spencer FC secured a 5-2 victory over Sideman United. In 2016, the channel aired the second season of the series and this was created on a much larger scale than the first.

Hashtag United

On March 19, 2016, Spencer officially launched his eSports team ‘Hashtag United’ in a YouTube Video on his Spencer FC channel. The team was sponsored by EE and ISP another British Telecom Subsidiary. 18 players were introduced in the video and it was announced that they will be playing following the FIFA Ultimate team style of league system. The team has been playing steadily through the various league levels and all their victories are being documented in a separate YouTube channel of the same name which has accumulated more than 250K subscribers. The team also has own Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Personal Vlog Channel

He has another YouTube channel ‘Spen and Alex’, which he created with his girlfriend, Alex. It is more of a personal vlog channel for both Spencer and Alex and they also undertake various silly challenges, games and pranks.

Success and Sponsorships

Apart from his earnings off the various YouTube channels, Spencer has multiple sponsorship deals with international brands like Heineken, Fantasy Football League, Carlsberg, EE and Coca Cola. He also gets paid to talk about the devices he plays games on and the various product engagements. All of this makes his total net worth in the category of million USD.

What Makes Spencer Owen So Special

Spencer is a proof that success is something that you have to create for yourself and will not be handed to you just because. He kept on chasing his passion and never ever gave up. The result was this phenomenal success in multiple dimensions, all related to his passion – football. He has been quite consistent with his content, and within a short time frame has managed to provide his viewers with a lot of variety. He has never once sacrificed the quality of his content and if anything, he has consistently improved over time in various aspects. All these aspects together make the recipe of successful YouTube and Gaming career for Spencer.

Behind The Curtains

Spencer Owen was born on 15 October 1988, in England. Most of his family member’s names start with the letter ‘S’. His parent’s names are Steven and Sindy. He has two brothers, Seb and Saunders. Seb Carmichael-Brown is an accomplished Golfer who has won the Trilby Cup twice. Saunders is travel and adventure filmmaker and vlogger on YouTube.

Spencer Owen is in a relationship with YouTuber Alex Osipczak. They met while studying at the University and started their joint channel in 2013. Spencer and Alex got engaged in April 2020 and had their first child, a son, in December 2020.

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