Svea Frantzich Biography

Svea Frantzich, the youngest sister of singer and songwriter Jonah Marais from the pop band Why Don’t We, has emerged as a rising American social media star. Initially gaining attention through her appearances in her brother’s pictures and videos, she was inspired to create her own accounts on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. While her Twitter presence was brief, Svea has been sharing pictures of nature and animals on Instagram for years, along with occasional snapshots of friends and family. Additionally, she has a profile on, where she offers personalized video messages to fans. While her primary focus is promoting her love for nature and animals, Svea has also used her platform to address important issues, such as sharing a video in memory of George Floyd and encouraging others to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 16 Years
  • Family: Father – Timothy, Mother – Carrie Frantzich, Siblings – Esther, Zebulon
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Minnesota
  • American Women

Svea Frantzich’s Rise to Stardom

Svea Frantzich first gained recognition on social media as the younger sister of Jonah Marais, who became famous on YouNow in 2014 and later formed the boy band Why Don’t We. Svea occasionally appeared in pictures and videos on her brother’s social media profiles, and their interactions quickly endeared her to his fans. For example, Jonah would often tease her by mentioning the name of the boy she had a crush on.

Svea’s Social Media Presence

Svea Frantzich joined Twitter in December 2017 and primarily used the account to promote her brother and his band. However, she also took to Twitter to complain about her brother and his bandmates ignoring her or to share details about her crushes. She made her first Instagram post on December 24, 2018, introducing herself to her followers. Since then, she has continued to share pictures on Instagram, showcasing her trips to exotic destinations, outdoor activities in nature, her love for animals (including her pets), and selfies with friends and family. Despite not being active recently, Svea has already gathered over 90K followers on her Instagram profile @imsveamarie.

What Makes Svea Special

Svea Frantzich describes herself as a nature girl, animal lover, cake baker, and chicken owner on her social media platforms. This is evident from her Instagram feed, where she frequently posts nature photos and pictures of various animals. She introduced her dog Sawyer in her second Instagram post, and the dog even has its own Instagram account with over 36K followers. Svea regularly posts pictures of Sawyer along with captions written from the dog’s perspective. The family also adopted another pet dog named Nula, who also has a separate Instagram profile. Additionally, Svea has a bunch of pet chickens and often shares pictures of them. She has also posted pictures of herself holding an albino python and a fox cub. Svea enjoys outdoor activities in nature, such as surfing, rowing, horse riding, and rock climbing. She once shared several pictures of pandas, peacocks, and ducks from her trip to the Panda Research Base in Chengdu, China.

Family & Personal Life

Svea Marie Frantzich was born on March 21, 2007, in Stillwater, Minnesota, United States, to Timothy and Carrie Frantzich. Her father is a performing musician and teacher, while her mother is a certified nurse and midwife. Svea is the youngest of four children and has two brothers, Zebulon and Jonah, and a sister named Esther. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with the disease in July 2013. Music runs in the family, as everyone is musically gifted and often sings at gatherings. Svea’s father and uncle were part of Minneapolis bands before forming a singer-songwriter duo called “The Brothers Frantzich.” Her brother Jonah gained popularity as a musician through his involvement with the group “Why Don’t We.” Svea often performs with her father and is also part of the basketball program at her school.

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