Toby McDonough Biography

Toby McDonough, the youngest member of the American rock and pop band ‘Before You Exit’, has made a name for himself with his incredible talent and charismatic stage presence. Starting his musical journey in the local church choir, Toby quickly rose to fame as a vocalist for his elder brother’s band at the young age of 12. Not only does he possess a powerful voice, but Toby also showcases his skills on the guitar, piano, and synthesizer. His debut performance with the band for the hit song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ catapulted them to success, leading to invitations to perform at prestigious events like Brazil’s 2012 NoCapricho Festival. With three EPs and six popular singles under their belt, Toby and his band have gained a global following. Their single ‘Model’ even reached number one on the iTunes charts in the Philippines and secured them victory in the annual Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star contest. Toby’s immense popularity extends to social media, where he has a dedicated fan base that adores him wholeheartedly.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 25 Years
  • Musicians
  • Pop Singers
  • Height: 6’2″ (188 cm)
  • U.S. State: Florida
  • City: Tampa, Florida

Early Life

Toby McDonough sang with his brothers in the church choir from the age of seven. His eldest brother, Connor McDonough, formed the band ‘Before You Exit’ with Braiden Wood in 2007. Toby got his first break as a member of the band in 2012 with the song titled ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Since then he has been performing as a vocalist and also plays the guitar, piano and keyboard. Besides his music, he is active on social media and is a darling of his fans.

Music Career

In 2012, Toby McDonough became a member of the rock band ‘Before You Exit’. As the name suggests, the name of the band was inspired by the idea that everyone should make a difference before they exit. His first number with the band was called ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, a cover song by ‘One Direction’. Besides his singing abilities, he soon became popular as the best dancer of the group. His induction into the band boosted their ratings and resulted in an invitation to perform at Brazil’s 2012 NoCapricho Festival.

Toby is the youngest member of the band that consists of his two brothers, Connor McDonough and Riley McDonough, and three other members including Braiden Wood, Thomas Silvers, and Chris Ganoudis. The band that was originally formed in 2007, released their first single ‘I Like That’ which became a hit for its romantic lyrics and rock beat.

In June 2016, the band released their EP titled ‘All The Lights’ and supported English singer Olly Murs on his North American leg of ‘Right Place Right Time Tour’. They also played for Australian singer Cody Simpson during his ‘Paradise Tour’ in the USA.

Toby and his band have released three EPs titled ‘A Short Story Long’, ‘Letting Go’ and ‘I Like That’ and six singles titled ‘End of the World ft Anth’, ‘A Little More of You’, ‘I Like That’, ‘Soldier’, ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Heart Like California’.

In August 2017, Toby and his band toured Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines to promote their music and reach out to their fans. They joined the girl band called ‘Fifth Harmony’ on their ‘Fifth Times A Charm Tour’ after opening for them at the House of Blues in Orlando.

His band won the annual Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star contest and was recognized by their own float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. They toured Europe and signed a contract with RCA Records and their single ‘Model’ peaked at number one on the iTunes charts of Philippines.

Family & Personal Life

Toby McDonough was born Toby James G. McDonough on 21 January 1998 in Tampa, Florida, USA. He was brought up with his two elder brothers, Connor McDonough, and Riley McDonough, who are also members of the band ‘Before You Exit’. Though Toby is the youngest of the brothers, he is the tallest at 6’ 2’’. Yet being the youngest, he was often made fun of by his brothers and other bandmates.

Toby and his brothers were part of the local church youth singing group where they met Braiden Wood and Thomas Silvers and went on to form their own band. Connor plays the guitar while Riley and Toby are vocalists. He also plays the guitar, piano, and synthesizer.

Toby had to undergo an appendectomy operation just before his band was scheduled to tour Manila. Fortunately, he had a quick recovery and could join the band on the tour.

He has a number of admirers including Aubrey McDonough who claims to be his girlfriend from Dallas. However, Toby maintains that he is still single and yet to find the girl of his dreams.

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