Trinity Morisette Biography

Trinity Morisette, an American social-media influencer, has gained immense popularity through her ‘TikTok’ channel, ‘trinityamorisette.’ Initially a regular ‘TikTok’ personality, Trinity’s journey took a turn after an unfortunate incident, which led her to advocate against cyberbullying and spread positivity through her videos. With millions of followers, Trinity has touched the hearts of many with her motivational content. Apart from ‘TikTok,’ she is also active on platforms like ‘Twitter,’ ‘Instagram,’ and ‘Facebook,’ although her popularity on those platforms is not as significant as on ‘TikTok.’ Trinity’s impact goes beyond social media, as she owns a line of T-shirts available on ‘’ Remarkably, at the young age of 14, Trinity joined the ‘Florida Atlantic University’ for a dual-degree program in neuroscience and biology, showcasing her determination and passion for making a difference.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 20 Years
  • Family: Siblings – Gino, Payton
  • Born Country: United States

Rise to Fame

Trinity began her social-media career by posting videos on ‘TikTok.’ She initially created lip-sync and dance performances for the platform. However, her popularity soared after she became a victim of cyberbullying.

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Spreading Awareness Against Cyberbullying

Trinity started receiving loads of hateful and abusive comments for a video she had posted earlier. She could not take so much hatred, and this made her sink into depression. Fortunately, she recovered soon and decided to spread a word against cyberbullying. Trinity received support from various corners of the world for taking a step that would change people’s perception regarding social-media influencers.

To speak up against cyberbullying, Trinity joined the ‘Kindness Matters’ movement, a campaign designed to improve the way people interact with each other. She was moved to know the story of Peyton, who had committed suicide because of bullying but had saved lives by donating his organs. Trinity found the movement a perfect platform to bring about a positive change in the lives of the victims and also to help those who consider bullying a way of showing power.

Promoting Positivity on TikTok

Trinity took the noble cause to her ‘TikTok’ page, where she began making videos on positivity. She would show up holding placards with motivational messages written on them. Following this, her ‘TikTok’ popularity shot up. She now has over a million fans and more than 28.2 million heart emojis on the platform. She collaborated with fellow ‘TikTok’ stars Datrie, Daryna Popach, and Catherine Rowley for the video ‘HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY! LOVE these GIRLS… TAG UR BESTIES.’

Family & Personal Life

Trinity was born on March 25, 2003, in the US. She has been raised alongside her older sister, Payton, and her brother, Gino, who suffers from Down syndrome. Trinity believes Gino is a source of inspiration, not only for her career but also for the cause she has been working for. Gino’s positive approach toward life provides her with the enthusiasm required to make more videos to spread love and positivity.

Trinity was just 14 when she joined a college program at the ‘Florida Atlantic University.’ She chose neuroscience and behavior biomedical engineering as her undergraduate subjects. Trinity was a member of the ‘FIRST Robotics Competition Team Number 7152 Owltonomous’ to run for the title ‘Rookie of the Year 2018.’ The team played two matches each in the regional competition held in West Palm, Florida, and then qualified for the world championship in Houston, Texas.

Trinity represented the team as its drive coach. She was also responsible for its public relations and for maintaining and building relationships with the other teams and the authorities. She proved herself to be a team player and was highly organized and competitive. This helped her team maintain their energy level and kept them motivated to accomplish successful results. She was the face of the team and communicated its mission to the public and the judges.

She also served as a recruiter to bring in sponsors for her team’s program.

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