Veronika Khomyn Biography

Meet Veronika Khomyn, the Ukrainian model who captured the spotlight through her relationship with American football coach, Sean McVay. From her early days as a model for UFC Gym to her current career as a fashion designer, Veronika has always had a taste for fame. With over 40,000 followers on Instagram, she uses her platform to raise awareness about important issues and share intimate moments with McVay. Now residing in a luxurious $2.7 million home in Los Angeles, wedding bells may be in their future. In the meantime, Veronika can be found cheering on McVay and his team at their matches.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 33 Years
  • Family: Spouse/Ex-: Sean McVay (m. 2022)
  • Partner: Sean McVay
  • Born Country: Ukraine
  • Models
  • Ukrainian Women
  • Height: 5’10” (178 cm)

Rise to Fame

Veronika Khomyn gained fame after she started dating Sean McVay, the head coach for the football team Los Angeles Rams. Originally from Ukraine, Khomyn studied at George Mason University in Fairfax. She worked as a model and gained recognition in her hometown before deciding to move to the USA to pursue fashion design. Khomyn also worked at UFC Gym and DC Clubbing. However, it was her relationship with Sean that made her a recognized name.

Sean McVay’s Career

Sean McVay became the head coach of the NFL Team Los Angeles Rams at the age of 31, making him the youngest coach in the league. He had previously worked with the Washington Redskins, rising up the ranks from assistant tight ends coach to offensive coordinator in just six years. When he took charge at Los Angeles, the spotlight fell on his girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn.

Moving to Los Angeles

Veronika Khomyn started dating Sean before he became the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. When McVay was brought in by the Rams, they decided to move to Los Angeles together. Despite wanting to stay in Virginia, McVay’s duties required him to live in LA. Khomyn provided emotional support and helped him with the move. She moved into Sean’s 4600 square-foot house, which attracted attention due to its architecture and design. The couple was often seen together at famous clubs and Sean’s matches, with Khomyn cheering the team on from the stands.

Public Recognition

During their time in LA, Sean’s relationship with Veronika became public. Fans rushed to find out more about her, leading to an increase in her Instagram followers. Khomyn’s account features photos of their travels and their new home, with sweet posts about her boyfriend receiving high engagement. She currently has 40,000 followers on Instagram.

Family & Personal Life

Veronika Khomyn was born in Ukraine, but not much is known about her early life or family. She started dating Sean McVay in 2011 when he was an assistant coach for the Washington Redskins. They recently moved in together after purchasing a house in Los Angeles and currently live in Encino, California with their dog, Kali. Khomyn loves their dog so much that she created a separate Instagram account to document Kali’s life. The couple enjoys traveling, watching football, and spending time with their dog.


Veronika Khomyn and Sean McVay love their contemporary house and enjoy using Alexa to control the lights.

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