William Waiirua Biography

Meet William Waiirua, the popular social-media star, professional morale-booster, and reality-show participant from New Zealand. With his iconic quirky sunglasses and groovy dance moves, William has captured the hearts of many, especially during his time on the reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Originally aspiring to be a rugby player, William’s sense of humor went viral among his teammates, leading him to change his path and use his social-media platforms to inspire and bring laughter to people’s lives. With over 122 thousand followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel, William’s catchphrases like ”there he is,” ”do the mahi, get the treats,” and ”give it your breast” have become internet sensations. Thanks to his childhood friend and ‘All Black’ Aaron Smith, William has become a true internet sensation.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: William E Cribb
  • Family:
    • Father: Dicey
    • Mother: Angela
  • Born Country: New Zealand

Childhood & Early Life

William Waiirua, originally known as William E Cribb, was born in Kawakawa, a small town in the Bay of Islands area in the far north of New Zealand. His parents are Dicey and Angela. When William was 10 years old, his family moved from Kaikohe to Feilding, located in the lower North Island of New Zealand. He attended ‘Feilding Intermediate’ and later graduated from ‘Palmerston North Boys’ High School.’ William was known as the “class clown” during his childhood. He developed an interest in dance after participating in the ‘Feilding Lions’ Club Line’ dance meet.

Career Beginnings

After completing school, William joined the meatworks industry. He often became the subject of humor at work. During his youth, William played rugby and was a valuable player on his rugby league team. His coach, David Lomax, recognized William’s talent for being funny without offending anyone. Despite his potential in rugby, William discovered his interest in comedy and decided to pursue it instead.

Youth Work and Comedy

William worked as a youth worker for the charity ‘Child, Youth and Family Department’ (now ‘Oranga Tamariki’) for 6 years. Working with vulnerable children and bringing smiles to their faces gave him a sense of purpose. In 2017, William promoted a playful campaign for the ‘Electoral Commission.’ His videos gained popularity after being shared by rugby players Rob Thompson and Aaron Smith, leading William to pursue a career as a comedian.

Rise to Fame

In 2017, William started his self-titled ‘YouTube’ channel, which currently has around 3.6 thousand subscribers. He released his music video, ‘Wowwee,’ featuring New Zealand artist Vince Harder. William also starred in a ‘New Zealand Police’ recruitment video. His ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ tribute video went viral, catapulting him to overnight fame. In 2019, he appeared on the dance reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ where his unique dance moves and signature mono-lens glasses became a trend. William owns a charity named ‘Attitude Trust’ that supports people with disabilities.

Personal Life

William is in a relationship with Taylor Sutherland, a law student and snowboarder. They met during a promotional tour for ‘Rhythm and Vines’ and quickly became a couple. William and Taylor moved in together just a week after they started dating. He also owns a dog named Shiloh.

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