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Matthew Tyler Musto, better known by his stage name Blackbear, is a renowned American hip-hop singer, songwriter, and record producer. With his debut album Deadroses, featuring the hit single Idfc, he gained immense popularity and appreciation. Since then, Blackbear has released several successful albums, including Cybersex, which peaked at number 47 on the US Billboard 200. Additionally, he has collaborated with notable artists like Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams, and Hoodie Allen. Notably, Blackbear co-wrote Justin Bieber’s chart-topping hit Boyfriend. In 2014, he became one of the first independent artists to monetize streaming on SoundCloud.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Matthew Tyler Musto
  • Age: 33 Years, 33 Year Old Males
  • Born Country: United States
  • Ancestry: Italian American
  • City: Daytona Beach, Florida
  • U.S. State: Florida


Blackbear’s music career began while he was still in high school. He joined the rock band Polaroid as a singer and signed with Leakmob Records. The band released one album named “Paint the Town” and one extended play named “Inside and Out.” However, he eventually left the band to pursue a solo career.

In 2008, Blackbear released his first extended play titled “Brightness.” This was followed by two more EPs, “Contrast” in 2009 and “Exposure” in 2010. He then released the EP “Year of the Blackbear” in 2011.

In early 2012, Blackbear collaborated with Justin Bieber on his single “Boyfriend,” which became a huge hit, reaching the 2nd position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He also released the EP “Foreplay” in April and his debut mixtape “Sex” in October of the same year. In 2014, he released the EP “Afterglow.”

Blackbear’s first full-length album, “Deadroses,” was released in February 2015 and contained ten tracks. The lead single, “Idfc,” was a major success and charted on the Billboard R&B Hot 100. The second single, “90210,” also gained millions of streams on SoundCloud. In the same year, he released his second album, “Help.”

His third album, “Digital Druglord,” was released in April 2017 and peaked at the 14th position on the US Billboard 200. He then released another album, “Cybersex,” in November of the same year, which reached the 47th position on the US Billboard 200.

In 2019, Blackbear released his fourth studio album, “Anonymous,” which peaked at number 36 on the US Billboard 200. The following year, he released his fifth studio album, “Everything Means Nothing,” which reached number 15 on the same chart. In 2021, he released the EP “Misery Lake” and was featured in Avril Lavigne’s “Love It When You Hate Me” in 2022.

Personal Life

Blackbear, born Matthew Tyler Muston on November 27, 1990, in Pittston, Pennsylvania, moved to Florida as a child and later to Atlanta, Georgia. Eventually, he settled in Los Angeles, California.

Blackbear is engaged to actress and social media personality Michele Maturo. The couple has a son named Midnight Thomas Musto, born on January 26, 2020. In September 2021, Blackbear announced that he and Michele are expecting their second child.

In 2017, Blackbear donated $5,514 to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund to support the victims of a mass shooting. The contribution included proceeds from the sale of merchandise at a concert.

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