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Meet Ross Botsford, better known as YourPalRoss, the popular YouTube gamer from the USA. With a focus on Minecraft and other video games, Ross’s channel is a hub of entertaining and original content. Formerly a member of SkyDoesMinecraft, Ross’s charming and jovial personality has helped him attract a large audience. While he may not upload daily, his videos are always worth-watching. In addition to gaming, Ross occasionally shares story times, showcasing his good sense of humor. As a cousin of fellow YouTube personality Shubble and with a circle of good friends on the platform, Ross is a beloved figure in the YouTube gaming community.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Ross Botsford, KPAge: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Males
  • Born Country: United States

Rise to Stardom

Ross Botsford began his journey on YouTube as a member of the channel Sky Media Offices. However, he soon decided to create his own channel called ‘House_Owner’ (now known as YourPalRoss) on May 9, 2016. Initially, he played games with other popular YouTube gamers such as Adam (SkyDoesMinecraft), RedVacktor, and ThatGuyBarney. But eventually, he started playing exclusively on his own channel. The first two videos he posted on his channel were ‘The Master of PVP- Minecraft Money Wars 1.10 Solo’ and ‘Pig VS. Ross- Minecraft – Man Vs. Pig’. These videos were followed by more Minecraft content.

Recommended Lists

Soon after, Ross began creating videos that were not related to Minecraft. Some of these videos include ‘Ultimate Anime Character Personality Test’ and ‘Swimmer Arm Pits/Little Ponies/Dog Eye Care’. His content continued to diversify, and within just two years, he became a popular gamer on YouTube. Some of the most popular videos on his channel include ‘Handsomest Boy in Mcdonalds | Minecraft Guess Who,’ ‘I Can’t Stop Waving | Minecraft Prop Hunt,’ and ‘Neko Atsume! | Minecraft Hide and Seek! | So Many Kitties.’ Currently, he has amassed over 513k subscribers and more than 30 million views on his channel.

Personal Life

YourPalRoss, whose real name is Ross Botsford, was born on July 15, 1996, in the United States. He has a pet cat named Kitty Purry, also known as KP. He maintains good relationships with other YouTubers such as ThatGuyBarney, Aphmau, and SGCBarbierian. He is also the cousin of Shubble, a popular YouTuber known for her Minecraft content, vlogs, and pop culture videos. Shubble is currently in a relationship with YouTuber Parker Coppins. Unfortunately, information about Ross’ parents and education is not available online. However, he does have personal accounts on Twitter and Instagram.


Here are some interesting facts about YourPalRoss:
– Whenever he gets angry, Ross sticks his tongue in and out.
– His favorite quotes include “I’m not a sloth,” “Feeling Rossome,” “I’m butt-hurt right now,” and “I love Papa John.”

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