Matte Babel Biography

Meet Matte Babel, a Canadian TV host and music reporter who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. With a degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and a background in football, Matte embarked on a successful TV career in Canada, working as a show host and correspondent for top channels. His talent and … Read more

John Tory Biography

John Howard Tory, OOnt QC is a Canadian lawyer, businessman, broadcaster, and politician currently serving as the 65th Mayor of Toronto. With a diverse background in law, business, and politics, Tory has had a successful career that has led him to his current position. He has previously served as the leader of the Progressive Conservative … Read more

HunniBee ASMR Biography

Naomi MacRae, also known as HunniBee ASMR, is a renowned social media influencer who has captivated millions of viewers on YouTube with her soothing ASMR relaxation videos. With a massive following and countless views, her popularity extends to Instagram as well. Quick Facts Canadian Celebrities Born In October Age: 29 Years, 29 Year Old Females … Read more

Jonathan Toews Biography

Jonathan Toews, the captain of the NHL team Chicago Blackhawks, is a highly competitive Canadian ice hockey player. Growing up in Manitoba, Canada, Jonathan developed a passion for the game at a young age, practicing with his younger brother on a homemade rink in their backyard. His dedication and talent led him to be drafted … Read more

Mia Maples Biography

Mia Maples, also known as Ivorygirl48, is a popular Canadian YouTuber with over 1.7 million subscribers. Known for her diverse range of videos, including DIY tutorials, beauty vlogs, and pranks, she has gained a massive fan following in Canada and on social media platforms like Instagram. Maples, a family-oriented individual, often features her parents, brother, … Read more

Nicole Arbour Biography

Introducing Nicole Arbour, the YouTuber and comedienne who has been making waves for almost eight years with her self-titled channel. Known for her outlandish and satirical take on heavy topics, Nicole’s content may be considered controversial, but it sheds light on important issues. Not only is she a popular YouTuber, but she is also a … Read more

Strange Aeons Biography

Meet Teya, also known as Strange Aeons, the Canadian social media sensation and YouTube star. With over 950k subscribers on her YouTube channel, STRANGE ÆONS, Teya captivates her audience with book reviews, storytime videos, and a variety of random content. Her popularity extends to Instagram, where she has amassed close to 140k followers on her … Read more

Darren Espanto Biography

Darren Espanto, also known as ‘The Total Performer’, has captured the hearts of fans and the attention of the media with his exceptional talent. At just 15 years old, he is not only a top-notch pop singer but also a skilled pianist, drummer, and saxophonist. Starting his musical journey at talent shows, Darren has risen … Read more

Mark Twitchell Biography

Mark Twitchell, a Canadian filmmaker, gained notoriety for his conviction as a first-degree murderer. Despite his early interest in film and costume making, Twitchell’s unstable character and propensity for lying led him to describe himself as a ‘pathological liar’ in a self-created document titled ‘Profile of a Psychopath’. Although his first film, ‘Star Wars: Secrets … Read more

Nia Vardalos Biography

Antonia Eugenia Vardalos, better known as Nia Vardalos, is a Canadian-American actress, screenwriter, director, and producer. She gained fame for her role in the critically acclaimed film ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, which also earned her multiple awards. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Nia started her career in the 1990s as a TV actress, appearing in … Read more

Jean Chrétien Biography

Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien, a Canadian lawyer and politician, served as the Prime Minister of Canada from November 1993 to December 2003. With a background in law and a successful political career, Chrétien played a significant role in the patriation of the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charters of Rights and Freedom. His close association … Read more

Alexandre Trudeau Biography

Alexandre Emmanuel Trudeau, also known as Sacha, is a renowned Canadian filmmaker and journalist. He gained national recognition with his debut novel, ‘Barbarian Lost: Travels in the New China’, which quickly became a bestseller. Coming from a family of premiers, with his brother Justin Trudeau currently serving as Canada’s prime minister and his late father … Read more

Landon Dowlatsingh Biography

Landon Dowlatsingh, a well-known YouTuber from Canada, has gained popularity for his unique and interesting news updates on his channel ‘LandonProduction’. With two other channels, ‘MostAmazingTop10’ and ‘Landon Vlogs’, he offers a variety of content ranging from educational Top 10 lists to personal vlogs. MostAmazingTop10 is his most famous channel, boasting over 3.4 million subscribers … Read more

Zion Kuwonu Biography

Zion Kuwonu, a Canadian pop singer, dancer, and Instagram star, gained recognition through his singing covers and dancing videos on Instagram. His talent caught the attention of Simon Cowell, leading to a successful audition for the American-Canadian pop boy band, ‘PrettyMuch.’ As the only non-American member of the group, Zion, alongside Nick Mara, Austin Porter, … Read more

Inanna Sarkis Biography

Meet Inanna Sarkis, a young American social media personality who is a true jack of all trades. From acting and directing to modeling and singing, Inanna has proven herself to be a bundle of talent. As a YouTube star and Vine celebrity, she has gained a massive following by creating and producing captivating short videos … Read more